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  • Telebelt’s TB105 outreach overcomes adverse terrain to place materials exactly where needed, making wheelbarrows and skid-steer loaders unnecessary.
  • The unit easily clears obstacles-weather a wooded lot, muddy site or other extreme landscapes.
  • With the non-abrasive conveyor belt, same day setup is no problem for placing concrete and backfilling
  • Telebelt’s TB105 unit can handle many materials which include concrete, rock/stone, pea gravel, bark, sand, etc.
  • In just ONE setup, place stone, then sand, and finally concrete to finish the job efficiently.
  • The low 16’0″ unfolding and operating height allows for full boom utilization under low clearances, making conveyors the perfect choice for warehouse work.
  • Telebelt’s TB105 is perfect for mat pours. It allows mixers to maintain a distance of 110 ft. from the point of placement. Typical 9 cubic yard loads can be discharged in less than four minutes.
  • Bridge pours are no problem for the TB 105 because of its wide range of motion.
  • During pours there is not significant air loss in concrete mixture with a belt conveyor and also no separation of concrete.
  • Telebelt’s TB105 can complete wall pours from one convenient setup location, keeping ready-mix trucks on solid ground at the curb.
  • The unit’s high volume output places concrete fast. The Telebelt can discharge up to 360 cy/hr which equals about 40 9cy mixer loads.
  • Quick tear-down and setup allows more pours in a day.
  • It can handle any concrete mix from 0″ to 12″ slump
  • The 4 section telescopic boom operation makes the unit lightweight while keeping its high strength.
  • 360° main conveyor rotation with quick telescoping feature means immediate use once on-site


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